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Mold growth of any type inside of a building is unhealthy. Organic materials found inside of a building such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation act as food sources for molds to flourish when given the right conditions.

In addition to the health risks, mold also leads to significant damage to materials it grows on and can even lead to serious structural damage.

Experience, commitment to training and access to the resources that will get the job done properly is critically important when the safety of your property is on the line.

Mold Remediation Services Include:

  • Complete Thermal Imaging and Moisture Mapping Assessment
  • Mold Remediation and Prevention
  • HVAC Remediation

Our Process:

We come to your property to conduct a thorough on-site assessment of the situation. We use onsite assessments, interviews and reports from Assessors, Certified Hygienists and other Indoor Air Quality experts (when necessary) to determine the best course of action. In all cases, our procedures will follow the IICRC 500 Standard & Reference for Professional Water Damage Restoration and IICRC 520 Standard & Reference for Professional Mold Remediation. We provide you with a detailed Scope of Work for the complete removal of mold and the restoration of your property to its pre-loss condition Upon your acceptance of our recommended scope and signing of paperwork, your project will commence. After the mold has been removed from the affected area, we then perform clearance testing. Our job is complete only when you are 100% satisfied.

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We bill your insurance company directly and handle the entire claims process from start to finish to relieve you of any insurance headaches during this difficult time.

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